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How we editing

1. send us your raw (unedited) video footage.

Simply complete our Order Now section, selecting the details which best suit you and your video footage; once you complete your order a confirmation email is sent to you. Simply print your confirmation and send this to us along with your raw (unedited) video footage and any images you want added to the final video. We will confirm via email (or text message, if you prefer) that we have recieved your footage. Footage can be supplied on Mini DV tape, *Hi-8 video tape, USB memory sticks, memory cards, CD or DVD.

*unlike some companies we do not charge extra for video footage supplied to us on Hi-8 video tape.

2. our editing team then edit your footage.

Using the information you supplied on our form we will then edit your video footage to your requirements, using state of the art studio-standard software. During this process we will add such things as titles, background music, transitions (fades, etc), to bring you a completely polished, quality home video.

3. you review our work online.

Once we have finished editing your video we will once again be in touch. We will at this point provide you with a link to view a draft copy of your video online. It is here that you get the chance to request any alterations.

4. when happy we'll mail your DVD

When you are happy with the final product we will then mail your DVD and a copy to you. Simple.

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